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  • 06/2011 - Dale Adams 2 Black Bears

    Dales Second Bear

    Hunt: 5 days, 2 on 1

    Day: 2nd & 4th

    Weather: Sunny. Low 40 High 65

    Camp: Base Camp

    Weapon: 30-06

    Distance: 100-200

    Terrain: Roads/Logging

    Mode: Truck/ATV

    Dale Adams bagged two great black bears with hunt-BC this spring.

    "I just wanted to say thanks again for the hunt of a lifetime. I couldn't imagine a more beautiful place to hunt or a better guide to hunt with. I was able to harvest two great bears,Fut 15 Coins catch some big aggressive trout and see a place that is still as wild today as 100 years ago. I'll be back!"

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  • 06/2011 - Geno Pagliaro Bear

    Hunt: 1 Day

    Day: 1st

    Weather: Sunny, Warm

    Camp: Base Camp

    Weapon: Bow

    Distance: 60

    Terrain: Road

    Mode: Pickup truck

    Geno was headed in to camp when he saw two bears feeding on the side of the road. He got out and put on an amazing stalk to 60 yards and thumped him!

  • 10/2010 - Toby Knoup Moose

    Hunt: 10 Days: 2 on 1

    Day: 8th

    Weather: Low 20, high 50. Clear

    Camp: Alpine Camps

    Weapon: Rifle

    Distance: 250

    Terrain: Alpine

    Mode: Hiking

    Toby spent 8 days working to find a good bull. His hard work paid off with this brute.

  • 09/2010 - 453 SCI - Gold Medal Bull

    *Hunt: 7 Days, 2 on 1

    *Day: 3rd

    *Weather: Sunny, Clear

    *Camp: Base Camp

    *Weapon: .338

    *Distance: 150

    *Terrain: Logging

    *Mode: Pickup Truck 26 perfect points, 9 to 13 inches long!

    Charlie and guide John spotted this bull from the pickup. They stopped and called to him. Charlie got and the bull made his last mistake.The rut is a magical time to be in the BC woods!

  • 05/2010 - Brent Pennington Bear

    Hunt: 5 Days

    Day: 5th

    Weather: Sunny, Mild

    Camp: Base Camp

    Weapon: Rifle

    Distance: 275

    Terrain: Road

    Mode: Pickup Truck

    Brent tagged his bear last day, last hour of daylight! Sometimes it happens that way.

  • 05/2010 - John Power Bear

    Hunt: 5 Days, 2 on 1

    Day: 3rd

    Weather: Low 20, high 50. AM Snow, clear afternoons

    Camp: Base Camp

    Weapon: .300 Win

    Distance: 75

    Terrain: Road

    Mode: Pickup Truck

  • 10/2009 - Craig Smith Moose

    Hunt: 5 Days, 1 on 1

    Day: 3rd

    Weather: Low 10, high 40. Wintery mix

    Camp: Base Camp

    Weapon: .375 H&H

    Distance: 250

    Terrain: Lake

    Mode: Canoe

    Craig Smith and guide Tim headed across the camp lake in a canoe to hunt a meadow on the other side. As they neared the bank, they spotted a bull moose feeding on the water's edge. Tim rowed slowly toward the bull and Craig waited for the right moment. Luckily the lake was like glass and Craig had a steady shot.

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