Hunting at Hunt - BC

Gear Checklist

Rain Gear
Waterproof Boots
Waterproof Gloves
Waterproof Hat/Hood
Warm Clothing
Camp Clothes
Camp Shoes
Plenty of Socks
Personal Items


2 Boxes Ammo
Light Gun Case
Scope Cover
Optics Case
Optics Cleaner

Bug Spray

Hunt-BC offers hunting packages for Canada Moose, Black Bear, Mountain Goat, and Grizzly. In some cases our quarry can be spotted en route to our destination, while other scenarios may require hiking, glassing or calling.


 Grizzly hunting in our area is second to none . Gary Zorn is the foremost expert in the habitat and tendencies of the BC interior grizzly bear. These adventures are conducted in the spring and fall seasons. Take a boat ride down the Bowron during the annual salmon run for an excellent chance to observe multiple trophy bears feeding at the river, or go horse back into the back country for a thrilling spot and stalk. This hunt also includes a black bear on an opportunity basis at no extra charge. Boat-Horse-Hike-4x4-UTV



 Canada Moose hunting is our specialty. Big bulls abound in our diverse Wolverine Mountain area. A fully Mature bull moose can weigh up to 1500 lbs and stand 7 feet tall at the shoulders. A good trophy Canada moose will be 45 inches outside to outside while our area offers the opportunity at bulls as wide as 60 inches. We are able to accommodate any hunter, and have the versatility to include all modes of travel on this hunt.


Mountain Goat

 There is nothing more remarkable than a black horned billy perched motionless on an overhang 8,000 feet above sea level. The pursuit of these bearded mountaineers is truly a test of an
outdoorsman’s will and fortitude. In order to access goat country, we saddle up at base camp and ride into the pristine back country of the Wolverine Mountain territory. Alpine meadows, glacier lakes and waterfalls will fascinate on your journey to the top. In this alpine paradise you’ll appreciate the solitude of silence and the absence of man and machine. Horse-Hike-UTV


Black Bear

 Black bear hunting is an excellent opportunity to enjoy the beauty of BC and the hospitality or our Wolverine Mountain camps. These hunts can be done in spring or fall, and can be a challenging or relaxing as required. Trophy black bears can be found throughout our territory and make a great add on to any of our other big game adventures. Horse-4x4-UTV-Boat


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