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"I wanted to take a moment to tell you again what an awesome time I had with you and your wonderful staff. I have been on some pretty cool hunts in my life, but none of them will be as memorable as the Moose hunt in BC. I have never described myself as a trophy hunter nor would I. I was brought up old school and put more stock into the chase and taking in the surroundings and getting caught up in the moment, that adrenaline rush is what feeds my hunting appetite.

"I know that everyone has been in the position of hunting from sun up until dark and repeating that over and over again. I also know those who will run hard for two thirds of the day and pass on the evening hunt, I almost fell into that trap myself. That is what made this hunt so special. We had pushed it all day and finally rolled back into camp around 3:30 in the afternoon and I think we were all pretty toasted and I proceeded to change out of my layers of hunting clothes and get up close and personnel with the wood burning stove. About the time I mentally checked out and thought the day was over you poked your head in the cabin and suggested that I paddle across the lake with Tim your mountain man of a guide and set-up in a tree stand until dark. I was looking for some reason to pass on your Idea, but that little angel on my shoulder kept telling me to get up and finish what you came here to do.

"I think this is where this cliché really fits “you cant catch anything if you don’t have your line in the water “Tim and I loaded up the boat and started paddling across the lake to see if we could get in the tree before it got to late. We had only been paddling for a few minutes and I thought I saw a Bear on the far bank. Tim glassed over and said “ it’s a cow moose lets head that way”. As we approached we could tell that it was a Moose and we were pretty sure it was a bull. Tim suggested that I get my gun out just in case we have to move quickly when we reach a place on the bank. As we approached we could tell that the Moose had no idea that we were approaching so we kept easing in closer and closer. Tim a man of few words asked me if I felt comfortable shooting out of the canoe and at what distance. I didn’t want to disappoint Tim or loose the opportunity, so I said “ yes I think I can do this and 200 hundred yards should be close enough” no pressure.

"I think the swiftness in how this all came about didn’t leave any room for second guessing or the nerve factor. I started ranging the Moose every few minutes to see how close we were and we were closing in quickly. When we got about 300 hundred yards Tim asked me to stop paddling and put one in the chamber. When we reached the 200 yard range I told Tim and he pushed it to the 150 yard area and the Moose locked in on us. The set-up was a perfect quartering away shot, Tim said “take the shot” and the rest is history.

"I learned a lot from this experience and I am very thankful to have had this wonderful experience. If anyone ever tells you to finish out the hunt do it, you never know what may happen.

"Thanks again to everyone at Hunt-BC for making this a memorable moment in my life."



"It was a good hunt in some beautiful country. Although
I saw some animals; I was never able to bag my trophy. We were only able to hunt 3 days because of other commitments. Had I hunted another day or two I feel certain that I would have gotten my trophy. All in all it was a great overall experience.

"The terrain was extremely hilly to mountainous with very thick woods and undergrowth with numerous lakes and bogs. We mostly hunted from the water in boats and canoes during the early morning and late evenings, and walked a lot and still hunted during most of the daylight hours. The boat hunting was a new and exciting hunt for me, one that I really enjoyed. During the daylight hours we covered some beautiful terrain.

"The hunt lodge was definitely rustic, but nice and cozy. Overall the facilities had everything that one could want on a hunt. The cabins were clean and comfortable. Wood burning stoves provided welcomed warmth and were part of the rustic charm. The bedding was comfortable and warm and allowed for a good night sleep.

" All meals were prepared and served in the cook cabin which is similar to the other cabins but also has a full kitchen. My hat is off to the cook; all the meals were spot on and very good.

"For any hunter who appreciates a truly unique, rustic and rugged hunting experience this hunt is for you. This is a great place to get back to nature and enjoy picturesque views and solitude. On the other hand, if you’re a hunter with metro sexual leanings, you may want to consider other options."



"The professional service was very helpful. I appreciated Hunt-BC putting together the entire trip and working around my schedule. I was surprised at how personal the service was from beginning to end. Everyone went out of their way to make sure we had what we needed and took care of any special requests we had.

"The scenery was amazing and the hunt was different than anything I’ve ever done. Hunting moose out of a boat on those beautiful mountain lakes was a great experience. I couldn’t believe how close we got to the animals. I definitely recommend this hunt.

"The camp setting was amazing! The way the scenery blends with the log cabins made for a relaxing, enjoyable stay. The mist rising off Kruger Lake in the morning, the snow-capped mountains in the background and seeing eagles, loons and moose right off the front porch added to the whole experience. The rustic accommodations were a welcome departure from our every day lifestyle. I’m looking forward to returning next fall and trying the backcountry horseback hunt. "

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